Podcast 021 – Menoth vs Cryx – Not Even A Little Fair…

This week’s podcast saw my forces of the Protectorate tangling with Adam’s Cryx once again. Last time this happened, I made a couple major blunders in the late game and lost the Harbinger to a couple boosted Venom shots… but before that point the game was definitely going in my favour. I was committed to not making the same mistake in this game… so instead, I made a bunch of brand new ones!

IMG_20140408_190450The scenario we were playing was Outflank (two 12″ diameter zones on the mid-line, 1 point for controlling and 2 for dominating), and I managed to win the Initiative (which is a happy, happy day for the Harbinger!). Give the battle a listen here or on iTunes, and let me know what you think!

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