Podcast 095 – Devastation Discussion!

Thanks for your patience, folks! Adam was locked in a family dinner until late last night and as a result we didn’t finish recording until midnight… finished the editing a few moments ago, and therefore… here ya are!

(and an hour earlier than projected! Go me!)

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Podcast 095 – Devastation Discussion – Going Live at Noon

Hey folks! This week’s podcast is all about the new Devastation models… it’s a doozy (almost 2 hours long… as least before editing!). Adam, Nick, and I take turns discussing all the models coming out in the book, plus stuff we are excited about or less excited about.


Due to Canadian Thanksgiving, it’ll be a teensy bit later than usual… but it has been recorded and just needs to be edited. It’ll be up by noon today (Monday, October 12th).

Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian listeners (we are thankful that you guys choose to listen to us!), and hopefully all our international listeners had a great weekend and don’t mind waiting a few more hours for the podcast proper to go live!