Paintectorate Of Menoth – Vassals of Menoth

Well, I’ve almost finished my most recent additions to my growing Menite army… 2 Vassals of Menoth! I hope to finish them completely tonight, but for now, enjoy the 85% doneness that they are currently…


The attentive amoung you might notice that I’ve also almost finished my Lightning Pods… a few highlights, and those bad-boys are ready to rock and roll! I’m very tempted to write “To Khador With Love” on one, “To Ios With Love” on the 2nd, and “To Cryx With Love” on the third. I may yet do that… it’s rare that more than 1 survives a turn anyway.
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Paintectorate of Menoth

So I attempted to unleash some of my new Protectorate models on our Cryx player on Wednesday… my only condition is that he couldn’t play Gaspy2 against me (since I have no screening infantry, Gaspy2’s Feat is basically a hard-counter and instant game winner against my current Menoth army). Adam wasn’t having any of that, so I didn’t end up being able to play my Menoth. 🙁

But! On the flip side, now I can show everyone else what I’ve been working on!


Here we see a group shot of much of my Menoth: 2 Reckoners (in the back), 2 magnetized warjack kits currently outfitted as Vanquishers, 2 Vassals of Menoth, Vilmon, a Hierophant, the Covenant, and 3 Wracks.

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