Terraining Day 10 – More Foam Core Stuff

I’ve been working on more terrain for the MERCS tabletop game.


First off here are some bridges/catwalks that can be used with my previous buildings.


You can find the templates for these here: FC Bridge Assem

I also made up a plan for a dinner type building.  Enjoy

IMG_2950 IMG_2952Plans are here: FC Diner Assemb

I’m working on more of these things and also trying to get some of the ones I’ve built painted up as well.

I have no idea if people will actually use my templates. Feel free to send me some pics if you’ve used any of them.

14 thoughts on “Terraining Day 10 – More Foam Core Stuff

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  2. So one problem with the bridges. Document size on them is 17in x 11in meaning if you print them at 100% they won’t fit. Will try shrinking them down to 8.5×11, but no idea how the measurements will work out.

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