Terraining Day 11 – Papercraft Prime

Nick has been on a bit of a MERCs kick recently… it’s a neat game, no question, and the models are pretty cool. One of the nicest things about it, though, is that it rewards “gobs-o-terrain” setups, which is brutally punishing to WarMachine, and so I have an excuse to make a bit more terrain!

Now, the real reason I’m making MERCs terrain first is that a good friend of mine (hi Bill!) gave me a stack of Worldworks Games papercraft terrain for WarMachine (specifically sewer stuff, which looks uber-awesome!), but I didn’t want to ruin the good stuff with my clumsy and clueless attempts, so he also gave me some leftover city-scape stuff he had from his Heroclicks terrain collection, which I think will work perfectly with MERCs *and* give me practice so that I when I tackle the sewer-stuff, it’ll look awesome!

That’s the plan, at least…

Regardless, I started my first two pieces yesterday, and here’s the first one, all finished up!

It’s a bus! I’m actually insanely proud of how well it turned out… sure, it’s basically just a box… but it has wheels! With depth! Look at those babies…


Somethings I learned already:
1. Cutting circles is really, really difficult.
2. Scoring is important! Like… really important!
3. I bought a really sucky marker for doing Edging.

After finishing this bus, I immediately threw myself at trying to do a bus shelter… and promptly ruined it. Like… really badly. BUT! I had duplicates of that one sheet, so I’m attempting again, and hopefully will have that one done tonight and posted here before this goes live on Friday! And then after that I have some dumpsters, a few shipping crates, a bunch of little cars, and a couple barrels to do up… and then I’m done all the MERCs stuff and can start the WarMachine stuff!

Edit 1:

I finished up a few more little papercraft-y things for our MERC games… a bus shelter, garbage can, newspaper boxes, and a wooden crate of some variety…


And then I finished up a quick little car (not from Worldworks like everything else, and the quality isn’t quite as high… but not bad either, and it only took me a few minutes to put together!).


Next up… a few more cars (including a taxi!) then a couple more odds-and-ends (a few more garbage cans, some stacks of oil drums, a dumpster or two…), and then I think I’m done with the “modern” stuff and can go on to the Steampunk stuff!

2 thoughts on “Terraining Day 11 – Papercraft Prime

  1. Hi back. Yeah, the cars are ugly – I used them for cutting and pasting practice too. The newspaper boxes look good. But that bus shelter looks burned out. I may have accidentally given you the “After The Bomb” items to assemble instead of the “Everything’s Fine” cityscape.

    For edging, I tried a few cheap-o markers from Dollarama – sometimes the cheaper felt tips fray after only a few minutes… and that just makes them better at inking the edge of the cardstock! At one point I pulled the marker apart because it had begun to run dry. Inside is a ink-soaked felt cylinder wrapped in plastic. I cut a wedge tip into the top of that and started goin’ like crazy!

    Looking forward to seeing your progress in this as you… um, er, progress.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Bill! I really appreciate the gift! They’ve been a lot of fun to play around with… and if you do actually have a set of “After the Bomb” cityscape stuff, please hook a brother up! That fits into the MERCs aesthetic much better.

      Can’t wait to try out the sewer stuff… but I do need more practice first. I’m still really crude with my cutting, and half the time I’m scoring the paper on the wrong side!

      I look forward to you seeing my progression progress!

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