Terraining Day 12 – Papercraft Prime Mk2!

I spent some time finishing up the last of the MERCs papercraft terrain I received from my buddy Bill (Hi Bill!)… you can see the results right here!


Two garbage cans and an ATM…. and of course, much more beneath the cut!

Another garbage can, and a mailbox (the mailbox turned out poorly… but such is life)
Another tiny little car… I have a few more of these, but I’ve decided not to do them for awhile, since they’re a little off scale… but whatever, they look okay.
A big stack of oil drums in sets of 3… I actually really like these guys, I think they’ll make great terrain for our games…
IMAG1319 IMAG1320
A shipping container that has a complete inside, which I think is neat! And lastly.. the piece de resistance…

IMAG1313 IMAG1312

A phone booth! With a phone inside it! And windows! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out… not perfect, but pretty good!

Anyway, there ya go. Next, I’m going to start on the MASSIVE STACK of sewer terrain I got from Bill (Hi Bill!)… but not until I finish my Bastions.

Which I’m off to work on now! Keep posted to see how they’re coming along!

2 thoughts on “Terraining Day 12 – Papercraft Prime Mk2!

  1. Hi back. Yep, that telephone booth is pretty sweet. I like the oil drums, I hadn’t made those and wasn’t sure what the finished product would be… but I can see those fitting in down in the Sewers.

    • They might even at that! I really like the drums… it helps having sharpies in appropriate colours.

      It’ll be awhile before I can get the sewers started, due to the tournament this weekend and the impending move (BLEH!), but I’m definitely going to get to them!

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