Terraining Day 01 – Iosan Ruins and Grassy Plains

I got together with Aaron on Sunday and did some work on our terrain projects.

I spent most of the day playing with my new airbrush, afraid to actually paint anything, but Aaron produced this beautiful piece.

We talked about possible house rules to use with this piece to allow snipers a bonus to RAT or RNG if the are in the crow’s nest and making the low side opening impassable for large base models.
For my own adventures I was spraying various shades of brown of my already brown WIP gaming table to try to bring out the texture.  The paint I was using was thinned such that it was mostly transparent so it had almost no visible effect until I started using much lighter colours.

Eventually I gave up on trying to paint with it and used my airbrush to spray thinned white glue on the table to add static grass.  The spray pattern of the glue makes the coverage of the grass very non-continuous and looks very natural.

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