The Journey of a Thousand Leagues Begins with Beginner Journeyman Leagues

Are you awed by that title? I’m so proud of it that I may actually burst.
Today I ran a Demo Day at “Just by Chance Games” in Waterloo. Alicia, who owns/works at the store, helped me get set up, and I showed up with the above models, ready to teach! Simultaneously, we also started a Journeyman League for all the eager players who were ready to dip their toes into WarMachine!
First, I would like to take a moment to introduce you to my Battle Boxes for demonstration purposes.
Here we have one of the Alternate Menoth sets (pKreoss, Vanquisher, Crusader, and Repenter)
I am actually a fan of this battle box, although somewhat ashamed that I couldn’t get it completely painted up (the Crusader needs shading on its hands, and the Vanquisher is barely half done!). Kreoss is a great caster with a simple, incredibly powerful Feat, and coupled with the ranged threat of the Vanquisher and Repenter, plus the melee hitting power of the Vanquisher and Crusader, it’s a great package full of warjacks that I happily use all the time in my Menoth lists. It’s nicely counter-balanced by how squishy Kreoss is (and how desperately he wants some infantry to buff!).

Next we have the Khador standard battle box of pSorscha, a Juggernaut, and a Destroyer.
These were three of the first models I painted when I started playing WarMachine, adn all things considered they’ve aged pretty well. I should go back and redo the Front Arcs on them, but other than that I’m very happy with how they look on the table. And of course, a great battle box again (although, to be honest, it’s really just Sorscha… you could give that woman a pair of Kodiaks and she would make it into a great battle box!). I love them, though… the raw threat of the warjacks coupled to the speedy, powerful threat of Sorscha darting around the table…

And lastly, my Cygnar boys in blue… pStryker, a Charger, a Lancer, and an Ironclad.
I can’t take credit for the Lancer or the Charger in this picture, both of which I purchased pre-painted (but intend to strip and repaint myself at some point). I do love the Ironclad, though. He turned out very well.
I remember when I first started playing WarMachine thinking that this must be the weakest battle box in existance… lordy was I ever wrong. Granted, it’s not as powerful as the Cryx battle box (in my humble opinion, nothing is), but it has great synergies with Stryker. His Feat keeps everything alive, the Lancer is BONKERS good against Battle Box games, and Earthquake with the Charger? Heck, give the Charger 3 Focus and forget the Earthquake most games! It suffers from lack of Focus, of course, but intelligent and careful play can make this an unbeatable unit in the right hands!

Anyway, I managed to teach a few new players (a new Trollbloods player with his freshly glued battle box, a Menoth player, a new Cygnaran hopeful, and a couple guys who have played before but needed refreshers!), and saw a tonne of great battle box games!

For example, after teaching Rob, the Trollbloods player, in a learner game, he immediately wanted to jump in and try again… here he is going up against Stanly’s Khador!

Rob ended up taking this one through judicious use of Doomshaper’s Feat (GREAT Feat, that one!), and Stanly struggling to do anything of value to the Storm Troll.

Wayne and his Retribution played a game against a new Cryx player, struggling far more than he should’ve… turns out that Wayne has decided not to pay attention to things like “True Sight” and “Witch Hound”. Until now. I think he’s learned…
IMG_20141018_142522 IMG_20141018_142518  Anyhoo, great fun, and we managed 9 players signed up for the Journeyman League we started today… which is great! Can’t wait to see the community grow and continue to expand!

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