The Journey to Painting: A Noob’s Quest pt1

As many of you know, I am not the biggest fan of painting for a number of reasons. Mostly because I’m not the greatest painter, don’t often have time, and rather be doing something else when I do have time. So I came up with the bright idea today- “Hey, if I make an article, I’ll have to follow through with it!”

So without further a due, I’m going to try to paint my Tiberion in preparation for the eXerxis release. I am going to attempt to do a flaming scheme on him as eXerxis has ignite. You will notice his right arm looks funny. That is because I made it bigger with green stuff to hopefully make the flames on that arm more pronounced.

Here’s some pics of him primed. Lets find out what he looks like in a few days!


image_1image_3 image
Ps: I’m totally writing this without consent from any from combosmiter’s. I’m such a rebel!

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