The Quest for Mediocrity: A New Beginning


     As it’s already been spoiled, I’ve managed to pry the athanc from my chest and escape Everblight’s control.  This has coincided with less than stellar tabletop performance upon my return to the Protectorate.  Likely Menoth is none too pleased with my actions whilst under the influence of a dragon and is punishing me accordingly.  While I intend to play and paint my Protectorate forces until I’ve got (at least) two painted 50 point armies for Steamroller, I’ve still got an athanc sized hole in my chest when it comes to playing an army on the Hordes side of the game.

 With that in mind, I took a look at the other Hordes factions available.  Within my meta we’ve already got Skorne and Circle players, so they were out.  There’s already too much overlap with Marc and I both playing Protectorate.  On the Minion side of things, the Gators are an interesting option but I think I’d get bored of them too quickly owing to a lack of variety in competitive choices.  Lastly, when it comes to the Farrow, there’s just no way I’d play them unless I converted them all to be Pigs in Space.


     So that left Trollbloods.  The troll esthetic appeals to me.  I was a longtime (14 years)  player of the Lizardmen in Warhammer Fantasy Battles and from what I can tell there are a lot of similarities between the sculpts and playstyles of the two forces.  Both can brick very well, perform well in the meta without having to tailor their lists to their opponents, and aren’t so powerful that people tech for them.  To follow that up, I did play trolls for a short time (the length of a journeyman league) about two years ago, just a couple of months after I’d started Legion of Everblight.  While I enjoyed playing the trolls, I ended up selling them off to add to my Legion army.  Fast forward two years later and I’ve sold off most of my Legion and picked up Trollbloods again.

     I was lucky enough to pick up a used army from a former Warmahordes player so I’ve got a decent block of models to work with when it comes to starting out with the faction.  The army was used so they’re currently sitting in various chemical baths to remove the former owner’s paint schemes (there wasn’t anything wrong with the painting, I just prefer that I’ve painted my own models – it’s part of the fun for me).  This gives me time to study popular Trollblood list designs, research paint schemes and figure out what else I need to round out my initial forces.  As well, I’ve got a couple of conversions planned that I intend to share with you here.

My initial foray into the interwebs has told me that I should make a Runes of War list (snowflakes be damned).  Aside from that the forums and the WTC lists have a smattering of a number of different casters.  Calandra’s Evolutionary Elementalism looks like a lot of fun and so does Jarl; the latter being the warlock I had the most success with when I played trolls in the past.

Give me some feedback!  Do any of you play trolls?  Have any suggestions for people just starting out with Trollbloods?  Are there any good reasons as to why I shouldn’t buy 2 units of Warders?  Comments and constructive criticism welcome below.

5 thoughts on “The Quest for Mediocrity: A New Beginning

  1. I love the story (fluff) around Trolls, but I’m not a fan of the aesthetic myself… I couldn’t tell you way, either. I think I’m just a humanist at heart… playing non-humans doesn’t really appeal to me.

    That stated, the Trolls have some beautiful sculpts (although not necessarily on good models… the War Wagon and Mountain King, for example!). And Boomhowlers are fantastic models… and, come to think of it, most of the warlocks are pretty awesome too!

    I’m really looking to seeing and playing against your Trolls! Ironically, I’m going to be playing Cygnar again before too long, so we’re going to go from having 2 full time Menoth players to 1 part-time one!

    Oh, and if you can mod your Krielstone Bearer to look like Obelix, that would make my month.

    • Nice! It’ll be great to get some practice in against Cygnar. I’ve not played against them often (only at larger tournaments) since there aren’t many Cygnar players locally.
      Not to disappoint, but none of the models you listed are in any of my lists – save Boomhowlers which obviously made it into my Borka Family Reunion list.

      • Awww… well, that’s probably for the best. I mean, I like the way the War Wagon looks, but from a gameplay perspective, I doubt you can get much mileage out of it. Ditto for the ol’ Mountain King.

        Still can’t wait to see how you paint ’em!

  2. If you’ve had some good success with Jarl, I would go on right ahead with him. Since he plays so different from the most common Troll ‘locks, he’llk also make for a nice pair to that beef heavy list.

    • Thanks, I’ve rebuilt my Jarl list from the days of yore. I think I’ll try it out with both Jarl and with Grim to see which warlock clicks better.

      The trolls won’t be up and running for at least another week. I’m still working on two big conversions and I’ve only finished stripping the metal models.

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