Tournament 005 – 50pt Steamroller at Meeplemart – Marc’s Results with Menoth

On Saturday, Nick and I attended a Steamroller Tournament in Toronto at the sublime Meeplemart. Great store! Long drive, but completely worth it!

It was a tonne of fun, but due to lack of battery on my phone, I only snagged a handful of pictures… but you can read the full reports below!

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The two lists I brought were a Harbinger list, and an eFeora list. I know, I know… a bit too standard for most people, but hey, these are my 2 favourite Menite warcasters, and they compliment each other really well.

The Harbinger of Menoth
– Hierophant
– Reckoner
– Reckoner
Avatar of Menoth
Vassal of Menoth
Choir of Menoth (min)
Rhupert Carvolo
Covenant of Menoth
Temple Flameguard (max)
– Officer and Standard
Exemplar Errants
– Officer and Standard

A pretty standard list, although I admit feeling naked without a Devout… but the last couple times I’ve used the list, getting the interaction between the Devout and the Harbinger has proven very difficult (since you don’t want the Devout B2B with Harby, as it proves to be a very tempting target for AoE shots). Still, first time I’ve had TFG to field, and excited to get them on the table under her Awe. And Rhupert (Tough) and the Covenant (No Knockdown) are an extremely potent combination.

Feora, Protector of the Flame (“eFeora, Feora2”)
– Hierophant
– Judicator (Bonded)
– Reckoner
High Exemplar Gravus
Vassal of Menoth
Choir of Menoth (min)
Exemplar Errants (max)
– Officer and Standard
Temple Flameguard (max)
– Officer and Standard

Again, nothing earth-shaking there… Judicator with Feora? Good. Reckoner with Judicator? Good. TFG to protect the Judicator? Also good! And so on.

The “plan” is to use Feora against dudeswarm-heavy lists (read: Cryx), and the Harbinger against Hordes or particularly live scenarios.

Round 1: Cryx

Gah, Cryx… and not only that, but Cryx under the control of Tim the Enchanter, one of the few Canadian judges to pass the grueling Privateer Press Judges Test. Oh well. He was fielding a pDenny and the following Goreshade3 list, that he selected:

Goreshade, Lord of Ruin (“Goreshade3, Horseshade”)
– Scarlock Thrall
– Kraken
Bane Thralls (min)
– Officer and Standard
Bane Riders (max)
Darragh Wraith
Soulhunters (max)
Necrotech and Scrap Thrall
Machine Wraith

A solid list (although full of things that the PP Forums are not a fan of… Krakens, Bane Riders, no BLT, etc… etc…). And certainly a viable assassination vector on either of my warcasters without me having any Devouts… but I felt that Feora probably had the staying power to pull this off, and I was far more hopeful about her survivability than Harby’s against the ranged threats that Tim was fielding.

We rolled for Initiative, which Tim won and elected to take the side of the table with hill (a solid choice with a Kraken, and I was a little sad to lose that position for my Judicator). Still, this let me go first, and that’s rarely a bad thing!

The scenario was “Incoming” (2 zones, one friendly and one enemy, and 2 objectives that give boosted damage to Light Artillery… 1CP for destroying the enemy objective, controlling the enemy zone or dominating the friendly zone, and 2CPs for dominating the enemy zone).

The game goes relatively standard: I run forward with Errants and TFG, hammer his advancing lines with the Judicator… a lucky deviation saw Darragh, Goreshade, and the Bane Standard get lit on fire, but all the fires aside from the Standard went out (boo!). For Tim’s part, he kept casting “Mockery of Life” to bring his Soulhunters back on the table (I killed a total of 11 Soulhunters over the course of the game, and there were 2 left on the table at the end of the game… stupid spell!), jammed my zone with his Machine Wraith and Bane Riders which, eventually, my Errants and TFG wiped out.

Pivotal moment was charging his Kraken with my Judicator but couldn’t both engage the warjack and get into his zone… wiped out the Kraken with authority, and then lost my Judicator to 4 Bane Thralls (including the Officer) and a handful of exploding Scrapthralls (crafted from the Kraken wreck). From that point onwards I couldn’t get anything into his zone to contest (aside from running in a Choir member to delay the game by a turn), and forgot that he could score a CP from destroying my objective… which he did to claim his 5th CP and victory!

Victory for Cryx!
IMG_20140920_140653 IMG_20140920_140657

Post Game Analysis:

Gah, playing against Cryx… I’m now 0-9 against the undead with Menoth (and, correspondingly, 0-7 with both my Factions in “Incoming” specifically!). Overall, I played an *okay* game, but I really needed to have *something* to contest on the left… my Errants probably would’ve been a solid choice, all things considered, but they held off the Bane Riders like champs.

All told, I was pretty happy with how it went, and it was a very unlucky 1st round to go up against one of the strongest players in Southern Ontario (especially one of the strongest Cryx players). On the other hand, much better to get him 1st round than 2nd round (this way, if Tim goes undefeated I’ll probably snag 2nd place!). Just gotta motor on and sweep the rest of my opponents!

And my next round opponent… well, let’s just say I knew what to expect!

Round 2: Menoth

Ah, mirror matches… a lot of people seem not to enjoy them, but not I! I think they’re great… knowing exactly the capabilities of your opponent is a wonderful feeling.

My opponent, a gentleman named Jake, was fielding a pSevy list, and the following eFeora list:

Feora, Protector of the Flame (“eFeora, Feora2”)
– Judicator
Tristan Durant
– Redeemer
Choir of Menoth (min)
Vassal of Menoth
Exemplar Errants (max)
– Officer and Standard
Temple Flameguard (max)
– Officer and Standard
Aiyana and Holt

As for my side, I wasn’t willing to risk the Harbinger getting lit on fire, and decided to also drop Feora (for the same reason that Jake took Feora over pSevy). So it was to be the mirrorest of matches…

Scenario was Fire Support (2 flags on the middle line, 2 objectives behind them), which I am a much bigger fan of than “Incoming”… I won the roll and chose to go first.

Both sides rushed forward, with the opening volleys of rockets going slightly more in my favour…
IMG_20140920_151739 IMG_20140920_151743

Jake did an excellent job concentrating firepower onto my Judicator, hammering it with both his Redeemer and his own Judicator. My return fire on the Redeemer hammered it less effectively (due to Fortify from Tristan), and I never lucked out to get a scatter onto the vulnerable junior warcaster (Jake carefully kept him back most of the game).
The tipping point was Jake continuing to move forward with his Judicator until he walked into my Judicator’s Charge-range. I used my remaining Errants to clear out the lane, my Judicator charged forward with Ignite and obliterated the opposing colossal (POW24, at Dice+5 damage, will do that). In a move borne of desperation, Jake charged his Feora at my Judicator, but his dice completely abandoned him and on my turn, I stood victorious.

A great game, loads of fun, and even if he had been lucky enough to scrap my Judicator, my Feora would’ve counter-charged HIS Feora, and I suspect heavily that would’ve gone in my favour quite quickly.

We broke for lunch, and then returned for Round 3!

Round 3: Trolls

My Round 3 opponent was named Ramin, and he’s just recently started playing WarMachine/Hordes. As he’s looking at my lists, he mentions off-hand that he’s never faced the Harbinger before.

Oh, poor child. This is going to sting a little…

Jarl, Devil of the Devilwood
– Impaler
– Earthborn Dire Troll
– Pyre Troll
– Bomber
Fell Caller
Pyg Burrowers
Trollkin Champions
Trollkin Champion Hero

Now, granted, I’ve never faced Jarl before, but I’m familiar with the general thrust of how he works. The smoke-screen Feat is underwhelming but a nice touch, “Magic Bullet” is a great spell, and his list has a solid ranged threat that I will need to keep Harby safe from. And he has a Pyre Troll… immunity from Harby’s feat AND my Reckoner’s ranged threats is a very useful tool to have!

But this is not going to go well for him…

IMG_20140920_174738 IMG_20140920_174742

And, sure enough, the game goes more or less as predicted. Harby’s Feat keeps his army (aside from the Burrowers… great unit, that) back at arm’s length while I jam forward with Errants and TFG. The Reckoners both charge forward, one wiping the Bomber off the table, the other taking a few turns to crush both the Earthborne and the Pyre Troll (a little luck there, since his counter attack failed to cripple either his mace or cortex), and the Avatar got range on Jarl himself (although, of course, only rolled 2 Focus on that turn).
Ramin managed to keep the game going for another turn, but at this point I had cleared the zone on my right and had the Harbinger sitting at the back of it, safe(r) from the few remaining guns on Ramin’s side, and I ended up winning by scenario.

During the course of the game, I elected not to Martyr any of my troops… Ramin’s introduction to the Harbinger was rude, but there was no need to spike the ball. He’ll learn eventually… he was a solid player, and I look forward to seeing him across the table again!

So, with that out of the way, we moved on to Round 4. Tim, who beat me back in Round 1, was proceeding in the expected fashion (scythe-through-wheat), and if he won his next round, I was pretty confident on my chances at 2nd place. And that would be nice… if only I have an opponent where there won’t be any extremely rude surprises…

Round 4: Menoth

Woo! I am definitely down for this! My opponent was named David, and he had just handed Nick his 2nd defeat of the tournament… so not only was I fighting for a spot on the podium, but also to regain lost honour from Combo Smite!

Or, you know, something like that.

David was bringing a Vindictus Tier-list and the following Harby list:

– Judicator
– Redeemer
Choir (min)
Daughters of the Flame
Daughters of the Flame
Aiyana and Holt

Very, very different from my Harbinger list, but to be honest… I like it! Okay, I would’ve swapped the Redeemer and the Judicator (a Judicator with “Fortify” is a safer Judicator than without, and the Redeemer doesn’t need it… plus with Harby around, Tristan is as safe as any model in the game can be!), but the Daughters coupled with Martyr? Throw in Aiyana and Holt for Magic Weapons or Kiss, and bam, you got a stew going!

I manage to win the roll (again) and choose to go first. David takes the side of the table with a hill for his Judicator (wise), and we’re off.
I run everything forward.
David responds by running forward with his troops and Charging his Harbinger into Gorman’s smoke cloud and on a hill to keep his front line Daughters in Formation, and pops his Feat.
I respond by giving “Guided Hand” to my Errants, who stand still and hack apart Daughters and Nicia… David martyrs the Harbinger down to 6 boxes.
My Reckoners walk forward and take their shots on Harby, boosting to hit… out of 3 shots (2 boosted shots and an Ancillary), I hit twice, lighting her on fire and dropping her to 4 boxes through her thick Focus-boosted shield.
On David’s turn, the fire fails to go out… and his Harbinger burns. Victory!

(No pictures since I got the whole battle on video… I hope! Nick will post it when he finishes editing that!).

Sadly for me, Tim lost his game against Marc Andre LeBlanc… I finished 6th overall (out of 20) and I am well pleased with my results. Losing that first round was a bummer, but it was a great tournament overall, and I am very happy with my performance… obviously I still need more anti-Cryx practice! But I’m getting better… not *much*, but better!

A gentleman named Charles Soong took the title for the tournament (the same guy who won the first Hardcore tournament I attended back in Burlington a few months ago), and Tim nabbed 3rd. Nick came in somewhere near the bottom-middle with his respectable 2-2 record (lack of CPs and a weak strength of schedule from his first round opponent dropping didn’t help).

Anyway, super fun tournament, great venue, and really looking forward to the next one! Thanks for reading and/or listening, and as always, we welcome any and all feedback!

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