Tournament 007 – Nick's Legion Spread the Good Blight at the Hobby Kingdom Day of Valour 56 –

The Combo Smite Crew including Myself, Marc, Aaron, Kassem and Darrell made our way down to Burlington Ontario this weekend(*) to attend.
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(*Marc: Please note that when Nick says “This Weekend”, he means many months ago now… he’s been busy, and so I have taken it upon myself to finish up these half-done reports, knowing more-or-less what happened to Nick over the course of the day. I apologize for the vagueness of the reports, but Nick takes beautiful pictures and played really, really well at this tournament, and I figure we can all learn something from his experiences! I will let you know when I take over in earnest, but for now, back to Nick’s preamble!)

I was bringing my Legion of Everblight army for the first time to a tournament and I debated for a long time which caster I wanted to bring. My favourite Legion Warlocks I’ve played so far are eThagrosh, pThagrosh, eAbby, and pVayl. I also kinda like eLylyth but I am wary of her because people say she isn’t fun to play or play against.

In the end I settled on eLylyth and eThagrosh.  eLylyth was to be my drop for Cryx, Menoth, Cygnar or generally for dudespam.  eThags is my Skorne and Trolls drop and generally for armour cracking.

My lists were:
*Naga Nightlurker

This list originally had 2 Deathstalkers and only 1 Forsaken but I wasn’t able to pick up a second Deathstalker before the tournament so I went with an extra Forsaken. After playing this list twice I don’t think I would go back. The second Forsaken was so valuable in this list for Fury management that it has to stay. I went with the 2 Angelius build because I was worried about Lylyth2’s list running out of steam after the feat turn and I wanted to give it some more staying power. In the future I will probably experiment with dropping 1 of the Angelii for other stuff such as Teraphs, Deathstalkers, Raptors or Strider Rangers, etc.

*Naga Nightlurker

This list was my armour cracker and with Manifest Destiny up, OH MY does it crack armour. Before the tournament I had been playing the same list but it had 2 Angels instead of 2 Scytheans. After playing this list a few time I can now say that going the 2 Scythean route was a much better choice.

Round 1 Vs. Cryx

I played against Julian and his Cryx in round 1. He had brought Terminus and pDenny and he chose to drop pDenny. I dropped eLylyth since she was my Cryx drop and I knew it was going to be a rough game for him.

His list was
*2 Arc nodes (they all look the same)
Max Bane Knights
Max Satyxis Raiders + UA
Min Bane Thralls
Bane Lord Tartarus
Pistol Wraith

Julian wins the starting roll and chooses table side.

IMG_4881 copy

First turn I just run everything up.  I get a bit greedy and he is able to engage 1 of my Angels with 3 Raiders.
(Marc: This is as far as Nick got… so from here on out, not turn-by-turn or blow-by-blow, but broad-brushstroke battle reports! At least Nick takes very clear pictures…)IMG_4882 copy
Nick’s turn again, and through the magic of eLylyth’s Feat, he clears out many Raiders and puts a bunch of damage on Deathjack through the Angelius (boosting to hit the AP attack and, of course, missing). Lylyth gets Tenacity and drops a couple Cryxian models herself, camping 1.

IMG_4883 copy IMG_4884 copy

The Cryx player pushes up in return, respecting the Scather templates. The Raiders charge the Angelius on the left, but are unable to kill it. Deathjack walks away (for some reason?) but fails to accomplish anything.
On the other side, 1 Bane Thrall charges the Angelius, another fails, and the rest shuffle forward. The Bane Thrall fails to kill the Angelius.
IMG_4885 copy
Lylyth and the Ravagore clear out the rest of the Raiders, and the Angelius destroys Deathjack (I assume, since it disappeared without a wreck marker).
The other flank, the Ravagore and Angelius clear out most of the Bane Thralls. Lylyth pulls back a bit for safety.
IMG_4887 copy
The Raiders (remaining) curl around to threaten Lylyth, while the Bane Thralls fail to kill either the Angelius or Ravagore.

Following turn, Nick assassinates pDenny, and moves victoriously on the Round 2!

IMG_4888 copy IMG_4889 copy

Round 2 Vs. Trolls

Nick was up against Rich and his Trolls this round… and there are few things Thags likes more than Grievous Wounding a bunch of warbeasts with Scytheans!

Rich decided to go with the following list:

– Pyre Troll
– Earthborn Dire Troll
Kriel Warriors (max)
– Standard Bearer and Piper
– Caber Thrower x2
Trollkin Champions (max)
Krielstone Bearers (max)
– Stonescribe Elder

Nick ends up taking the game when Rich moves up a bit too aggressively into the zone and the Raek ends up eating Madrak. No blow-by-blow for this game (sorry folks… really, this was MONTHS ago now!), but you can get a pretty good idea of what happens from the pictures!

IMG_4890 copy IMG_4891 copy IMG_4892 copy IMG_4893 copy IMG_4894 copy IMG_4895 copy IMG_4896 copy IMG_4897 copy IMG_4898 copy IMG_4899 copy

Round 3 Vs. Circle

Nick elects to drop eLylyth into this and his opponents decides that Cassius is an appropriate response. Because taking a guy made out of wood against Legion… and against Lylyth and Ravagores… is probably a good idea?

Regardless! Nick manages to take this one after a failed assassination run on Lylyth leaves Cassius high and dry.IMG_4900 copy IMG_4901 copy IMG_4902 copy IMG_4903 copy IMG_4904 copy IMG_4905 copy IMG_4906 copy IMG_4907 copy IMG_4908 copy

Round 4 – Vs. Trolls

This was a really intense game. Nick was a bit annoyed at getting paired down twice AND having to play the same person twice. But Rich is a great guy (super-nice) and it was a joy to watch, if very grindy.

Rich decided that he didn’t need a full repeat of their earlier game, and dropped Doomshaper into Nick’s Thagrosh list this time… it was to be a Beast-on-Beast battle royale!

After turn after turn of warbeasts pounding into each other (and some amazing swings… Rich takes out 3 of Nick’s heavies in one turn, to which Nick responds by killing 3 of Rich’s heavies!), Nick manages to clock out Rich by the narrowest of margins! This makes Nick a very respectable 4-0 for the day… and he *may* have finished in 1st or 2nd if it wasn’t for the having-to-face-the-same-guy-twice debacle.IMG_4909 copy IMG_4910 copy IMG_4911 copy IMG_4912 copy IMG_4913 copy IMG_4914 copy IMG_4915 copy IMG_4916 copy IMG_4917 copy IMG_4918 copy

Regardless, Nick took 3rd place and went home with a shiny new something (I forget what he bought… MONTHS!).

Thanks for reading the highly compressed version of the events from that day! If you ask questions, maybe Nick will remember what happened and respond? Maybe?

Thanks for reading!

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