Tournament 010 – Store Wars, Results with Legion, Mercs, Cygnar, and Legion (again) – Arcane Assisted!

Don’t have time for my Full Writeup(tm) which will drop later this week, but I wanted to post the awesome podcast we recorded with the brilliant gentlemen from Arcane Assist. If you’re not listening to them, you probably should… and not only because they spent 20 minutes answering all my silly questions on their last podcast!


Matt and Tim are official Privateer Press Judges (and man, do they know their stuff!), and also the brilliant and enthusiastic minds behind the Southern Ontario Open, our first official Southern Ontairo WarMachine convention. If you haven’t purchased tickets yet… go do that! That link will take you straight to the store page… couldn’t be simpler!

This podcast we discuss all of our results from the 2nd Store War tournament this year, held at Black Knight Games in Hamilton. I had a great time, and all things considered, did pretty well! Give ‘er a listen, let me know what ya think!

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Thanks for listening! Full write up, as well as several other posts, coming later this week!

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