Tournament 011 – Ontario Team Championships – Team Combo Smite and Charlie's Angels REPRESENT

Well, to be completely honest, this was mostly Charlie’s Angels representing… but Combo Smite went! And we did okay!


Of course, you’ve probably watched the videos Nick posted already… and if you haven’t, ya should!… but now you can listen to Nick and me talking with two of the best WarMachine players in North America about the event!

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A huge thank you to both Marc-Andre (I don’t know how to get the accent on that “e”, sorry!) LeBlanc and Chandler Davidson for hanging out with us and talking shop!

Rather than rehash the battles again, I’m just going to do quick summaries of my games with the pictures I happened to take below.

Round 1: “Charlie’s Angels”

Our first round pairing was against the giants of the field… 4 Team Canada members and the Team Canada substitute against humble Team Combo Smite. As Nick laughingly announced when I told our team who we were facing, “Marc, you had ONE JOB! NOT TO GET TEAM CANADA ROUND 1! HOW DIFFICULT IS THAT!?”

I think we all knew going in that getting a win against these guys would be difficult, much less 3… but hey, everyone has their off days, and maybe they’d all have off days!

The list selection ended up going down that Kassem faced Marc-Andre (Fist of Halaak against Siege), which Kassem lost, Nick’s Legion against Chris’s Legion (Nick lost), Adam’s Cryx against Bubba’s Khador (Adam lost), Darrell’s Menoth against the (unstoppable, nigh-inhuman) Charles’s Skorne (Darrell lost), and then my Cygnar into Chandler’s Circle.

Chandler dropped his Bradigus (6 Watchers, 2 Guardians, 2 Sentries, etc…), which I totally expected, and I dropped my Kraye, knowing that he’s better against either eKrueger or Bradigus. Chandler wins the roll off, we’re playing on Two Fronts, and the game… well…

IMG_20150307_114540 IMG_20150307_114545

Strictly speaking, it doesn’t go AWFUL. I waste Kraye’s Feat attempting to get both Guardians off the table but only succeed in getting 1 Watcher and a Guardian instead (by bad position, to some extent… I theoretically could’ve gotten 3 Watchers and a Guardian with a little luck, but nope). Chandler takes my Stormclad, and then moves up Bradigus, camping 3, very aggressively. I trivially get my last fully loaded Stormclad on Bradigus (after pumping 6 points of damage into him from Kraye), but then miss all 5 swings on him (needing 7s). Menh, it happens… the odds were against me anyway (I needed to hit basically all 5 attacks, or hit REALLY HARD every time 4 times in a row… statistically a astonishingly small percentage.

Wait… let me crunch that out… about a 4% chance of succeeding on that assassination run. Maybe 8%.

Anyway, after that the Stormclad dies, Bradigus moves to dominate his friendly zone. I dominate my zone with Kraye for 1CP, but in that time Chandler has scored his 5 and takes the win. A clean sweep for Charlie’s Angels!

Round 2: “Will Accept Bribes”

Todd, a regular on Combo Smite, was on our team as a substitute, but (lucky for us, unlucky for Todd) everyone was actually able to make it to the event! However (lucky for Todd, unlucky for us!) there was a team that had 2 last-minute cancellations, and we happily traded Todd to their team… and he so impressed the natives that they immediately made him Captain! Way to go, Todd!

I ended up paired against Todd’s Circle (woo…), Nick went up against Chris “G’Day Bloke” Miller from Lost Hemisphere and his Retribution (Nick wins that one pretty effortlessly), Darrell plays into a Skorne drop (loses, but CLOSE), Kassem plays against their other Retribution player, and Adam takes their Trolls (and wins!).

Todd reaches for his super-tanky eBaldur, and I once again reach for Kraye.

IMG_20150307_141105 IMG_20150307_141114 IMG_20150307_141109 IMG_20150307_143334

Turns out Kraye (at least THIS Kraye list) struggles pretty mightily against ARM24 anythings… Todd plays a little too conservative with Baldur, though. I’m able to Feat out Megalith and eventually kill his Guardian, clearing out Todd’s zone and Objective while my Nyss Tough like champs to protect my friendly zone.
The TSN Turning Point is a charge by the Wold Warden on my last Stormclad, which fails by a quarter inch. That Stormclad then clears out the last Wold Watcher and the Warden, allowing Kraye to dominate the zone for the win.

We ended up going 3-2 this round, so huzzah!

Round 3: “Team Guiness

This round seems me going up against Dan (Hi Dan! How’s it going!) and his Khador. Nick ends up against Tim’s Convergence (his Axis tier manages to Deathclock out Nick’s Thags), and I forget everyone else’s matchups (sorry guys!).

Dan reads my sheet and sees “Captain Victoria Haley” (I always write my sheets out in long-form) and mistakes her for eHaley. He therefore chooses his dudeswarm eSorscha list (instead of his much-tankier Vlad1 list)… you can *probably* imagine how this game goes…

IMG_20150307_171656 IMG_20150307_171700

Basically I run up, he runs up and spreads out, I pop Feat and put Deadeye on the Blazers close to the Iron Fleshed WItnerguard… and 45 POW10 shots later (including Electroleaps, Chain Leaps, Storm Calls, and ATGM bullets), I’ve utterly decimated his army. Dan laughs it off, explains the mistake (and I profusely apologize), and happily Cyclones Sorscha into my Stormwall and hits it for a bunch of damage. He then black-oils Sorscha himself, runs all his Mercs far away, and lets my Stormwall pound her into the dirt.

Super nice guy, and he’s promised me a better, more competitive game next time… I’m really looking forward to it!

Round 4: “Team Buffalo ‘Eh'”

For our last round we were matched up with the most-excellent gentlemen out of Buffalo who run the “Beermachine Podcast”. I got paired against JP and his Menoth. Nick took on their Trolls player (Thags into Bearka) and pulled off the win after his super-Raek refused to die, Adam pulls off a narrow victory against a Convergence player with Gaspy2, and Kassem and Darrell both lose their games, unfortunately (oh… Darrell may have won this one… I forget!).

JP drops his pSevy against my Haley.


On my Second turn, JP has pSevy camping 1 behind a wall (DEF18, ARM15). I quickly do the math (move up, Temporal Barrier to put him at DEF16, pump 3 boosted-to-hit POW15s into him, hit twice, and then Snipe shots from the ATGM needing 9s and Blazers firing Brutals needing 9s, with the Strider also having 3 shots needing 10s… that’s a lot of shots… I got this).

Stormwall misses all three boosted shots. Strider misses all three shots. ATGM that get within range (about 4-5 of them) get a total of 8-10 shots that all miss. Blazers only get 3 within range (for 6 shots)… I miss 5 times, and the one that hits does 12 points of damage.

On Sevy’s turn, he Feats to deny me Focus next turn (yay…), and kills 90% of my infantry. But he doesn’t engage either my Stormwall or Strider, and he doesn’t move Sevy… so on my turn, both my huge bases aim and take their shots again: all of them miss. Yay…

His turn, he scraps the Stormwall and Strider, leaving me with Haley and 1 ATGM, I think. Haley moves up into the wreck of the Stormwall, gets Sevy at 12″ from her, and blasts a boosted Arcane Bolt into him… I hit! I boost damage, and finally manage to kill the warcaster.

Of course, as we’re putting away our models, JP remembers that Sevy actually has Sacred Ward and can’t be targeted by enemy spells… I *may* have been able to do it with a hand cannon shot, but still… oops! But regardless, we go 3-2 this round as well.

Final Results:

So, unsurprisingly, the powerhouse team do, indeed, dominate the event.
IMG_20150307_214508 IMG_20150307_214521

Congrats guys! They ended up going 19-1, which means that there’s room for improvement for them next year!

As for us, we finished 5th overall, and I’m super happy with how everybody did. All our players pulled through when they needed to, and it was a super-fun, awesome event.

I want to give a huge thank you to Scott Talarico and the gentlemen over at Party Foul for organizing and running the event. Another almost-equally-huge thank you to Tim Banky (of Arcane Assist) for judging the event, as well as the noble Press Ganger(s?) who volunteered their time (I know Aggy was there, and I suspect there were 1 or 2 others running around that I just happened not to notice). For a first effort, this was remarkable both for how well it was run, how smoothly everything went, and how much fun was had! Great job to everyone involved (and if I mispronounced or forgot anyone’s name… hi Dan!… during the write up or podcast, I apologize profusely!).

Thanks for reading! Comments, questions, and criticisms are always welcome!

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