Tournament 013 – Store Wars Part 3 – Cygnar vs Everyone!

So this is a set of short battle reports from a month or so ago… I learned at Store Wars Number 2 that my picture-taking was costing me games (I was Death Clocked 2 times by merely a few seconds, about the time it takes me to pull out my phone and snap some shots every turn!). So rather than full blow-by-blows, these will be shorter synopsi of what happened. I hope you find them educational and entertaining!IMG_20150221_142830 copy

For this tournament, I was running my old pHaley and Kraye lists (as this was just before the Ontario Team Championships, which *finally* freed me from the terror of this super-sub-optimal Kraye list!). Now, looking back, it’s like visiting old friends… or an old friend and a cousin you never really liked and smells sorta like cod.

Captain Victoria Haley
– Squire
– Stormwall
Storm Strider
Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Pistoleers (“ATGM”)
– Officer
Tempest Blazers (max)
Journeywoman Warcaster
Stormsmith Stormcaller x2

Simple, straight forward, powerful. Move up, cast Temporal Barrier every turn, pop Feat to obliterate everything in an infinite hail of POW10 shots, keep Haley safe.

Captain Jeremiah Kraye
– Squire
– Minuteman
– Minuteman
– Stormclad
– Stormclad
Stormblade Infantry
– Officer and Standard
Cylena and the Nyss Hunters (max)
Rhupert Carvolo
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (“eEiryss”)

The original plan was to use this list against pre-nerf Bradigus, with the Minutemen going up to destroy Shifting Stones with the Nyss as a last-ditch effort to do the same. After the nerf… well, let’s just say it wasn’t a great list BEFORE the nerf, and after losing the sole reason for it to exist in this form, it was definitely not a better list. It’s not awful, it’s just not a list I would ever use again if I had any choice whatsoever!

The tournament took place at Forbes Hobbies in Cambridge (a great venue run by a great guy), and I happily made the 10 minute drive to see how I could do. I mean, what are the odds I draw a really, really strong opponent in Round 1?

Round 1: Versus Menoth

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Chandler Davidson (if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting him yet!). Captain of Team Canada, Merc-noth player extraordinare, and a wierd combination of the nicest guy attached to the filthiest mouth you will likely ever meet. For this game he was rockin’ his High Reclaimer, but had forgotten his 2nd unit of Bastions at home and was forced to field it with Errants instead.

High Reclaimer
– Hierophant
– Devout
Exemplar Bastions (max)
Exemplar Errants (min)
– Officer and Standard
Gastone Cross
Lady Aiyana and Master Holt
– Attendant Priest
Anastasia di Braye
Herne and John
Orin Midwinter
Taryn de Rovissi
Kell Belioch

(Thanks Chandler for the corrections!)

The scenario we were playing was “Incoming” (two 12×6 zones, one friendly and one enemy, with an objective in the middle of the table about 16″ upfield).

Here we can see Chandler deploying his army… he ended up forgetting the Wracks (which are not a usual part of his list), but I insisted he put them on the table after the game started. I didn’t want to get my win because he handicapped himself!

IMG_20150221_111452 copy
The early part of the game goes as expected: I move up the table cautiously, Chandler throws down smoke. One interesting note: in order to get HR further down the table, he runs Anastasia, and then charges her. Needing 10s to hit… he of course hits and splatters her right off the bat. Yay!

IMG_20150221_112421 copy
Chandler drops smoke to keep the High Reclaimer safe from my elevated Stormwall (wise), but this leaves an opening for my ATGM. I pop my Feat and use it to wipe out most of his Errants, plus Aiyana and Holt (and come THIS CLOSE to killing the Attendant Priest, which would’ve kept them dead! Rolled a 4 for damage instead of a 5!). I also put a little damage on a few Bastions and fry Gorman with a Stormpod (or, more accurately, the lightning leaps from my Strider shooting into the stormpod in the High Reclaimer’s cloud in front of Gorman).
IMG_20150221_115111 copy
The Menoth response is swift. I lose a few Blazers to Bastions and all my ATGM in the zone to Errants. He Feats back Aiyana and Holt plus a few more Errants. More importantly, he starts scoring CPs, damaging my objective (with Herne and Jonn) and scoring on my zone.

I realize that if I can’t get the Strider into that zone, he’ll be able to beat me on scenario by dominating…
IMG_20150221_113713 copy

As a result of poor placement of my Strider, it was forced to run (which, really, was a damn shame) into the zone. The rest of my army continued to hammer into his Bastions, wipe out Errants… that sorta thing.IMG_20150221_121324 copy  Sadly, it was to no avail. Although it took EVERY LAST ATTACK he had, Chandler managed to kill my Arcane Shielded Storm Strider with the High Reclaimer himself (although it took all 10 Focus he had to do it!) and the objective with Gastone.

Victory to Menoth!IMG_20150221_121902 copy
Ah well. It was a good game, and very educational… should’ve had more to contest that zone with, no question, and if that last swing by HR had been 1 lower (I think Chandler needed a 6 on 2d6, and rolled it) then he was -super- dead.

What are the odds of me having to play another member of Team Canada in the same day, though? Probably negigible.

Round 2: Versus Cryx

Ah, Cryx… I’m afraid I’m blanking on my opponent’s name (sorry!), but he was running Mortenebra and somebody who doesn’t want to see pHaley on the table (Gaspy2, probably?). So I kinda knew what to expect going in!

His Morty list had more-or-less:

– Deathjack
– Stalker
– Leviathan
– Harrower
– The Other One
– Her Attachment
Warwitch Siren x2

The game went pretty straightforward: we both moved up, he overextended Deathjack and I ripped him to pieces with my Stormwall. Everything else he had pumped shots into it or Haley (igoring line of sight) but failed to connect or kill, and I slowly pulverized his army.

The end-note was a final assassination run that failed because there wasn’t quite enough space between my Strider and Stormwall to fit a light warjack. The Stormwall liesurely ripped the necromancer limb from limb (from limb from limb, if I remember the model correctly).

Victory to Cygnar!

IMG_20150221_142830 copy

So! One win, one loss… I’ve done worse… bring on the next opponent!

While I was playing this game, Nick was having his eLylyth introduced to the Butcher and his dogs… Nick did not end up winning that game.
IMG_20150221_171431 copy IMG_20150221_171427 copy

Round 3: Versus Legion

Yeah, see, when I mentioned the odds of seeing another Team Canada player? Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Orr… a Legion and Cygnar player, Team Canada member, and a great guy. He elected to drop his eAbsylonia against me, and I’ve always loved pHaley against Legion… although Kraye is probably a better drop, I’m far stronger with pHaley (and she has a better list, overall!).

Absylonia, Terror of Everblight (or somesuch… eAbby regardless)
– Ravagore
– Scythean x2
– Seraph
– Raek x2
– Shredder
Forsaken x2
Shepherd x2

There may be a Deathstalker in there as well… anyway, lots of warbeasts!

I managed to win this game, but I really didn’t deserve to. I won the die roll, rushed all my stuff forward. Chris moved up a bit too far with Absylonia, but then effectively blocked LoS to her with all his warbeasts, and put “Fortify” on the central one to prevent any of them from being Knocked Down or pushed (which I didn’t realize at the time).
There was a narrow line that I could draw between my Stormwall and Aby, and I had a fair chance of getting my Strider in as well (although complicated by my damnable objective)… so I decided to go for it. Popped Feat, put Dead eye on the Blazers, got Haley within TB range for the -2DEF. ATGM move up and try to knock down the Scythean… after 9 attempts I FINALLY crit and Chris gleefully informs me that Fortify makes you immune to knock down. Gah. A couple ping Absylonia for a few points of damage.
Moved up the Stormwall and almost completely pooched myself by lobbing a pod at Aby… if I had been closer, she would’ve been engaging it and my odds have now plummeted. Thankfully, it’s out, and I nail her three times with the big guns (Chris also didn’t realize that if you can draw line of sight from ANY part of your base, you can fire with weapons in both arcs as long as the model is in the correct arc… specifically, he thought you needed to draw LoS to the target FROM THE SIDE you were attacking from, and that’s not the case!), forcing her to burn through her stack.
The Strider walks up and pumps another 3 shots, missing twice but dropping her to her last few boxes, and one of my Blazers fires a Brutal shot into her to finish the job.

Victory for Cygnar!
IMG_20150221_163252 copy

So 2-1 so far… and for my last opponent, I get the Khador guy Nick lost to last round! Glee!

Round 4: Versus Khador

I’m locked into Kraye at this point (surprise-surprise), and Kevin decides that Butcher3 is a solid answer to Kraye’s long range assassination.

The Butcher Unleashed
– His Dogs
– Clamjack of some variety (the one with grenades?)
Alexia Ciannor and the Risen (“pAlexia”)
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution (“eEiryss”)
Greygore Boomhowler and Co (max)
Winterguard Infantry (max)
– Officer and Standard
Kovnik Joesph (“Kovnik Joe”)
Orin Midwinter
Gorman di Wulfe

IMG_20150221_182754 copy
IMG_20150221_182748 copy

He rushes up, spreading out…
IMG_20150221_183307 copy
I rush up and spread out… I use a Minuteman to gum up his lines and kill a bunch of Risen, as the Bounding Leap was out of range of Alexia (boo!).
IMG_20150221_184038 copy
He continues to move up aggressively, taking long range shots and killing my Minuteman with the Butcher.

I manage to get a Stormclad on The Butcher, which is normally game-over for most warcasters, but I flub the attack rolls (even with Feat!) and end up leaving him on about 6 boxes. I do kill most of his support though (ah, electroleaps… how I love thee…).

IMG_20150221_190744 copy IMG_20150221_190748 copy

From this point out the game becomes a massive grind… my Nyss make their Tough checks like champs (Cylena herself Toughs 4 times in a row to the Butcher!), keeping the game live as we both start scoring CPs. In the end I send the Stormclad into the Clamjack, use “Guided Fire” to get 2 boosted POW14s from the Minuteman and Kraye’s own rifle shots into the Butcher… and miss all of them, needing 10s.

It happens.

Kevin manages to clear the flag and scores his last CP as I score my 4th, and wins the game!

Victory to Khador!
IMG_20150221_192227 copy
IMG_20150221_192230 copy
IMG_20150221_193113 copy IMG_20150221_201211 copy
Post Tournament Analysis:

There will be tournaments like these, where you draw 2 of the strongest opponents in your area. I won one of them (didn’t deserve to!), lost one of them (probably deserved to!), and learned a lot.

It was a great tournament, a tonne of fun was had, and I was super excited to retire these lists shortly after. Although that pHaley list has made it into my 3-list pairings… it’s just SO GOOD against so many opponents! Anyway…

Thanks for reading! Comments, questions, and feedback of all stripes is welcome!

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