Tournament Video – Ontario Team Championship

Last weekend the Combo Smite crew headed down to Burlington, Ontario to compete in Canada’s first WTC style team tournament, the Ontario Team Championship.OTC The event was run by Scott Talarico from Party Foul and a huge thanks go out to him and all his volunteers for putting on such an huge and successful Warmachine event. Team Combo Smite consisted of: Marc (Cygnar), Nick (legion), Kassem (Skorne), Adam (Cryx) and Darrell (Menoth). We made a good showing and our team went 3-1 and took 5th place. Most importantly we brought the camera down with us to record some games. Round 1 – Circle (Bradigus) Vs. Cygnar (Kraye) Retribution (Ravyn) Vs. Cygnar (Haley2) Circle (Bradigus) Vs. Menoth (Kreoss3) Skorne (Zaal) Vs. Minions (Rask)

0 thoughts on “Tournament Video – Ontario Team Championship

  1. Good showing guys! Hope you had a lot of fun! Back to non-OTC list building then?

    Also you wrote: ‘We made a good showing and our team when 3-1 and took’ – then the text cuts out. Leaves a lot of room for interpretation 😉
    Took what? Marcs condom and threw it in the winning team’s face?

    • I love that the condom joke has become a thing.

      We took 5th place after tie-breakers. Apparently my typing ADD is as bad as my faction ADD.

      • I am not quite as fond of the condom joke, but…
        We do what me must for the fans!

        And yes, definitely time to move on from the OTC lists. I’ve been wracking my brain for the last few days and it turns out I *really* don’t know how to make eHaley, eStryker, or Nemo3 lists! Gah!

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