Video BatRep #001 – Trollbloods (Madrak2) Vs. Legion (Vayl1)

Its about time.

I finally got off my ass and made a proper video battle report with commentary and all the bells and whistles.  My intention before we even began film local tourneys was to do a weekly or bi-weekly full feature video battle report with commentary.

This week you can check out my Legion forces led by Vayl1 taking on Darrell’s Trollbloods army led by Madrak2.

Darrell and I are present to give commentary on the game to tell you not just what we did by also why.

Please check it out. I’d love to hear your suggestions on what we can tweak to make them more enjoyable.

Without further ado here is the video:

3 thoughts on “Video BatRep #001 – Trollbloods (Madrak2) Vs. Legion (Vayl1)

  1. Love the reports keep them coming. Possible suggestion would be running your audio file through audacity to run a Noise Removal effect on the file to take out system hum from the background.

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