Video Battle Report #002 – Trollbloods (Doomy1) Vs. Cygnar (Siege)

As promised, here is our second shot at a proper commentated battle report.  We have some more in the pipe and we should be able to keep the the bi-weekly release schedule for the foreseeable future.

Check out below Darrell’s Trolls Vs. Marc’s Cygnar. Darrel was running his Runes of War list and Marc is still practising with his Siege list he shamelessly stole from Chain Attack.


One thought on “Video Battle Report #002 – Trollbloods (Doomy1) Vs. Cygnar (Siege)

  1. Please note: the reason I said that people who can’t keep Eiryss 5″ away from their Stormwalls are massive idiots… is because I got Eiryss within 5″ of my Stormwall.

    Thankfully, it died, so there was no issues with allocating Focus… but man, I really struggle with that!

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