Video – Day of Valour 56 – 50pt Steamroller

Day of Valour 56 was held this past Saturday at the Hobby Kingdom in Burlington Ontario.  It was a 50pt Steamroller, 2 list Divide and Conquer, using the Steamroller 2015 Beta rules (which we can’t publish so don’t ask us. Ask your local PG and they can tell you about it).  About 16 players were expected but 27 showed up.  What ensued was a long day with lots of quality Warmachine.

Combo Smite was there to compete and you can read the tournament battle reports Marc and I are going to put up about our games and our podcast talking about them as well but we also brought along our recording equipment and took video from 1 game for each of the rounds.

Round 1 Cryx Vs. Trollbloods

Round 2 Circle Vs. Cygnar

Round 3 Cryx Vs. Cryx

Round 4 Circle Vs. Cryx

There were still 3 undefeated players (including myself) at this point but due to the unexpectedly high turn out, they had to cut the tournament off at that point.

Overall it was a fun day of gaming had by all and we are looking forward to bringing more video from local tournaments to our readers.

0 thoughts on “Video – Day of Valour 56 – 50pt Steamroller

  1. A couple rules faux pas from the Cryx player in the last 2 reports. Satyxis Blood witches “Death strike” does not RFP, only the “blood mist” ability does (game#3). And he was forgetting about his Immunity to blast damage on his Satyxis Raiders in the final game.

    I’m curious to see the new Steamroller rules as well, especially with reading the rules for the objectives with the “magic damage” after you attack them. I feel like the Cryx player should’ve gone through with the CMA onto the objective, and depending on how the ruling reads, only the one that actually takes the attack gets hit with a POW ??? (10 I think I heard?). If they all get hit with it for contributing to the CMA, well, I feel this will drag out scenario play in the new steamroller packet.

    They were good matches to watch, I did enjoy the fact that the one Cryx player always seemed to end up at the video table. Too bad he couldn’t pull out a win in the last match, but a double porting Getorix is a thing 🙂

    Thanks for posting these!

    • And I do want to clarify (seeing as there are witch hunts surrounding this game recently), in NO WAY am I saying he is cheating. Mistakes happen, and I that is how I see these blunders. Hopefully he will learn from these mistakes for his future games 🙂

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