We Are the Champions… Twice Removed…!

Hey folks. Life conspired to keep Nick and I from recording this weekend. We should be recording the Legion Faction review this week, though, so you can all look forward to that!

In other news: One of the Team Canadas came in 3rd at the WTC!

We play against (and with!) these guys all the time, so it really feels like a win for us (in a much less direct way than for the guys who actually worked and earned the win!). So congrats again to Chris, Bubba, Tim, David, and Chandler!

0 thoughts on “We Are the Champions… Twice Removed…!

    • Twice as long would be a minimum of 8 hours! Ain’t nobody got time for that.

      I’ll be stunned if it comes in under 5 hours. But we will see! Either way, it should be a doozy! And Nick will, in theory, have some experience with the Faction so hey! Expert opinion even!

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