Youngbloods Tournament Battle Report – Scyrah’s Perspective

Last weekend we traveled down the road to Hamilton today to compete in the Youngbloods tournament taking place alongside the Southern Ontario Open Master’s tournament as you may have heard about in our last podcast.  Apparently this was the largest Warmachine tournament ever held in Canada at 88 participants.  Pretty impressive.IMG_3154

We, however were entered in the Youngbloods, which is a smaller scale 35 pt tournament targeted more at newer players, which may not accurately describe us but we are still bad enough that we fit in just fine. It was only 14 players which is significantly less than 88 but still the largest tournament I or any of the Combosmite crew have participated in.

My lists:

HG Halberdiers + UA
HG Riflemen + UA
Stormfall Archers
Aiyanna & Holt
HG Thane

I chose this list because I’ve been playing variations of it for a while and it’s really comfortable to me.  I have a good idea of what it’s capable of and there is not much it wouldn’t have a chance against.

Lanyssa Ryssyl
Fane Knight

I took eVyros as my second list because he is fun and powerful and Griffon spam can do magical things if it’s used correctly.  I’m not sold on this list because it doesn’t have any infantry, so nothing to Righteous Fury the Fane Knight and no fodder for Vyros’ feat.

Game 1

I was matched up with a Khador player named Jeffery who brought eSorcha and Butcher3.

He chose his Butcher list and I played Ossyan because I didn’t want the Butcher to kill 4 griffons in 1 turn..

His list was:

Butcher3 and his dogs
*Juggeranut (Otherwise known as token jack points placeholder)
Black Dragon IFP
Black Dragon IFP
IF Kovnik
Saxon Orik
Ogrun Bokur
Madelyn Corbeau

The scenario was outflank. My opponent wins the roll and chooses to go first.

He deploys basically in  a single line across his side of the board.


I do my layered single rank deployment with Halberdiers in front and riflemen behind and stormfalls and A&H behind them.


Khador Turn 1

– Saxon give pathfinder to the left BDIFPs

-Everything else runs forward cautiously.  Far enough forward to threaten my stuff if I move into the zone but too far away for me to charge anything.


Retribution Turn 1

-Arcanist moves up and pops focus to Banshee.

-Banshee runs up to the edge of the zone.

-Ossyan puts Quicken on the Halbs and Shatterstorm on the rifles and Admonition on the Banshee. He moved up behind the ruins.

-HG Thane moves up and give Desperate Pace to Halberdiers.

-HG Halberdiers run up just far enough the only the front most 1 or 2 would be in charge range of his Pikemen.

-HG Riflemen run up behind the Halbs.

-Stormfalls and Aiyanna and Holt run forward.


Khador Turn 2

-The left IFPs get pathfinder from Saxon and Iron Zeal and charge forward.  Only 2 get into melee with Halberdiers and they miss their charge attacks,

-The right IFPs shield march forward and Iron Zeal and just flood the zone.

-Gorman moves up behind the Right IFPs.

-Juggy just walks up because he forgot to give it focus.

-Butcher and his dogs (Including Corbeau, Hi-yo!!) move up the middle.


Retribution Turn 2

-Ossyan moves up a bit and Feats and shoots at a clump of Pikemen.  I should have boosted needing a 7 but didn’t so I missed.

-Banshee moves over and fires a slam shot and killed one Pikeman blocking LoS to Gorman. He slammed into another Pikeman but couldn’t crack the ARM22 with collateral damage roll.

-HG Thane gives “Fuck you Stealth” to HG Rifles.

-HG Rifles move up and 3 man CRA kills Gorman. The others CRA a few more IFPs to death and make room fort the Halbs to charge in.

-Stormfalls Move up and do some Snipe shots on Pikemen and a couple on Juggernaut.

-Halbs charge in on a couple IFPs in the Left unit and most of the IFPs in the right unit and one 3-man CMA on Juggy. They do some decent damage but are spread pretty thin.


Khador Turn 3

This turn the Khador player thinks he might be able to kill Ossyan so he does the butcher’s stuff first.

-He gets the Corbeau move to scootch forward a bit.  Couldn’t use it all because the dogs were in the way.

-Wardog charges one screening halb then returns behind the butcher.

-Juggernaut moves up and kills another problematic halb.

-Butcher gives charge order. He kills 2 halbs at the back of my zone. He energizers forward and is within 6″ of my Banshee so he admonitions forward to catch Butcher in the No spell bubble. Since he can’t cast anymore spells he just camps his focus. His dogs kill 1 halberdier each. Butcher Feats to get back to full camp.

-The left IFPs charge in and kill the the few models I had contesting the left zone and one of my stormfalls.

-The right IFPs advance and kill of my Halbs in the right zone

-Bokur moves up behind Butcher ready to take a hit for him.


Retribution Turn 3

So the butcher is in my face with full camp so my odds of killing him are probably pretty low now that my feat is gone but since its all I really have I go for it.

-Ossyan goes first and shuffles behind the wall so he can be pulled in by the Butcher (not that that will save him.) He shoots his gun at him.  I ask my opponent if he wants to use his shiled guard and tell him about the -DEF bubble effect of Ossyan’s gun.  He opts to use it. Luckily the bubble still catches the butcher so he is now def 12..

-Acanist gives Banshee Concentrated power.

-Next the Banshe goes in for a slam power attack.  I can’t aim and shoot because I’m engaged so I think this was the best move.  I’m a MAT6 of Def 12 I need a 6 to hit and I boost just to make sure and roll…. 1,1,3.    🙁

-So now I have a very much not knocked down butcher who is now engaged.  Any hopes I had at an assassination run (bad as it was) are thoroughly squashed.

-My riflemen shift over and take out a couple IFPs from the right unit. and stormfalls shoot some stuff.


Khador Turn 4

-Iron Fang Kovnik charged into Banshee and rolled fire and did like 12 damage.

-Butcher finishes off the Banshee and impending dooms in a bunch of my infantry and kills a bunch of it.

-Iron fangs kill a bunch more of my Halbs and Rifles



Retribution Turn 4

-Without my Banshee this game is basically over for me so I figure why not send Ossyan in to swing away at the Butcher with his wooden sword.  Ossyan walks over and smacks the Butcher 3 or 4 times boosting damage rolls.  I think he puts about 8 damage on the Butcher before collapsing in exhaustion.

I end my turn giving my opponent his 4th control point

My opponent being a fine gentleman opted to end his turn and win the game on Scenario instead of pounding Ossyan into a misshapen hunk of elf flesh.

Victory to Khador.

With that I am 0-1 in the tournament.


Game 2

I was matched up against a Ret player named Donald with Issyria and Ravyn.

He played Issyria and I played eVyros.  Vyros was an easy choice because he cares a lot less about getting shot than Ossyan does.

His list was:
Max HG Halbs + UA
HG Thane

I won the die roll and chose to go first. The scenario was destruction.

IMG_3169 IMG_3171

My Turn 1

-In a shocking turn of events I run all my Griffons up and the Fane Knight on the right flank.

-Vyros goes straight forward and puts up synergy and makes sure all my Griffons are in my control area.


Donald’s Turn 1

-Issyria moves up and feats and casts Crusaders Call and I feel like I’m gonna be in a bit of trouble.  I definitely should have been a bit more conservative with the Griffons deployed across from the MHAs.

-He sends the assassins in.  The first one rolls fire for damage (see below) and 1-shots one of my Griffons..  This is a bad start.  The second one rolls more reasonable but still does serious damage.

-The Strikeforce is next.  About half of them fire on my leftmost Griffon and cripple it pretty badly.  A couple of them finish off the one crippled by the 2nd assassin and the rest do light damage.

-Eiryss shoots a griffon to disrupt it.

-The rest of his stuff just moves up behind.

IMG_3174 IMG_3175

My Turn 2

-So ya that turn hurt.  I’ve got to come back swinging if I’m to have any chance in this.

-Fane knight goes first. He charges one of the MHAs one gets impacted but misses.  The charge attack kills its target and he uses his 2nd attack to kill the one missed by the impact attack.

-Lanyssa moved up and Hunter’s Marked the objective (illegally, whooops)

-Then one griffon charged the objective for free and smacked it for free synergy missed a halberd attack on one MHSF and bought an attack and killed one MHSF.

-The fully loaded Griffon on the left advances up and just gets 2 MHSF in melee.  He manages to kill 1 of them.

-The crippled Griffon on the left tries to charge Eiryss but he charges out of Vyros’ control area and can’t hit her without the synergy bonus.


Donald’s Turn 2

-The strikeforce finish off the Griffon near Eiryss, do some light damage to the one by the objective and charge in on the one in the zone.

-The Halberdiers also charge the Griffon in the zone and the Sphinx. They cripple the Griffon and the big sword on the Sphinx.

-Fully loaded phoenix moves up and dismantles the Griffon by the objective.


My Turn 3

-I’m hemorrhaging warlocks at this point so I need to do some damage quick.

-The fully loaded Aspis is only able to take out 2 halberdiers.

-Vyros takes out 1 MHSF then moves over to be near the Aspis.

-Crippled griffon can hit anything.

-Arcanist charges in on a Halberdier and actually hits the attack roll but fails to wound.

-Lanyssa bolts the Phoenix but doesn’t wound.

-The Fane Knight runs and engages Issyria, who admonitions away.


Donald’s Turn 3

-Between the Strikeforce and the Halberdiers they are able to dirt nap my last Griffon and my Sphinx.

-Eiryss kills an Arcanist.

-Sylys and HG Thane both charge into the Fane Knight but either miss him or fail to wound.

-Issyria floats over to the forest and re-admonitions herself.

-Fully loaded Phoenix walks up and tries to kill my Aspis but leaves it mostly functional.  IMG_3183

My Turn 4

-This turn I get to have some fun.  Fane knight declares a ride-by attack and takes free strikes from Sylys and the HG Thane (Taking 5 damage. lucky) to walk over and engage Issyria again.  This time because its a ride-by attack she can’t admonition away and I get my 2 MAT8 PS13 Weapon master attacks on her face.  I need 8s to hit and its dice minus 3 from her camping focus but there is a chance I can end this here.  First attack hits but does only 5 damage and second attack misses. There go my hopes of a come-from-behind victory.

-The Aspis smacks the Phoenix the give Vyros a synergy point.

-Vyros tries to bury the Phoenix but leaves it with about 8 boxes.  I missed 1 attack roll which sucks when you need 3s to hit.


Donald’s Turn 4

-MHSF unhorse the Fane knight then between Sylys and HG Thane they finish him off.

-Halberdier and Phoenix try to finish off Vyros but can’t get the job done.


My Turn 5

-Vyros tries to finish off the Phoenix for the principle more than anything else. but comes up short.


Donald’s Turn 5

-Halb CMA finally puts Vyros down.


Victory to Retribution! (But not me)

Game 3

Played a Menoth Player named Emerson who brought pKreoss and a Harbinger tier list.  We played Ossyan Vs. Harbinger.

His list was:

Max Zealots + Monolith
Min Choir

I won the die roll and chose to go first because Ossyan likes going first and Harbinger hates going second.

The scenario was close quarters.

Retribution Turn 1

-I know Harbinger’s feat is coming this turn so I ant to get all my stuff as far up the board as I can.

-Ossyan goes first and puts Quicken on the Halberdiers, shatter storm on the Rifles and Admonition on the Banshee and advance up towards the friendly flag.

-Banshee runs up with archaist focus.

-HG Thane advances and give Desperate pace to the Halbs.

-Halbs run their full 18″ forward.  It is a thing to behold.  I was almost engaging the enemy flag they were so far up.

-Rifles, Stormfalls and A&H run up behind themIMG_3191

Menoth Turn 1

-Predictably Harbinger moves up to the wall and feats and casts Crusaders Call.

-Zealots run up in front of one of the walls.

-All the Jacks charge up side by side with Harbinger.

-Paladins run up near the enemy flag.

-Choir sings passage.


Retribution Turn 2

-Theres not a whole lot to do this turn but I make the most of it.  Harbingers feat turn is supposed to be a turn where your opponent gets nothing done.

-Halbs shield wall and the ones in front just shift back to touch bases with the closest model behind them and get ready to take some charges next turn.

-Riflemen all aim and manage to do some work.  Emerson has clumped his Zealots just enough for me to get a couple on the shatter storm AoEs for each Zealot I kill.  After a could shots hit entire from line of Zealots has gone down.

-The Banshee moves up (takes some damage) and slams a zealot into the Monolith. killing both but Harbinger martyrs the monolith.

-Stormfalls aim snipe shots at Vilmon and kill him 4 times forcing Matrys.

-Everything else stays put.IMG_3195  Menoth Turn 2

-This turn my opponent did something I did not expect. Basically everything ran into my face.

-Paladin walked up and did “only magic weapons stance”

-Crusaders both ran up into my Halberdiers but not actually engaging them.

-Zealots mini-feated and ran to engage some of my Halbs.

-Avatar gazes and ran up into walking distance of my Banshee.

-Choir runs up. IMG_3198

Retribution Turn 3

-So that was weird but I guess I’ll just try to whittle away at some of this stuff while its here.

-Aiyanna gives magic weapons to the Halberdiers. and Holt kills a choir boy.

-Haberds kill the Paladin, 3 Charge the Avatar doing monir damage and 2 do CMAs to each Crusader.

-Banshee gets concentrated Power and goes to town on the Avatar.  Pretty lacklustre damage rolls but I do manage to cripple the sword which is big.

-Riflemen and Stormfalls kill the choir and make Harbinger Martyr Vilmon like 5 or 6 times.


Menoth Turn 3

-Not much happens this turn.

-Avatar rolls 3 focus but isn’t able to kill the Banshee and leaves it with its cortex and big sword functional.

-The Crusaders each kill a couple Halberdiers

-Zealots kill another Halb.IMG_3201 Retribtion Turn 4

-This is going to be my Money turn.  His jacks are in my face but none of them are engaging my stuff.

-Fully loaded Banshee with CP finally finished the Avatar.

-Halbs shift front arcs so they aren’t engaging enemy models anymore and make a few attacks.

-Aiyanna kisses the Crusader in the middle and holt shoots it but doesn’t wound it.

-Ossyan moves up and feats so that all 3 jacks are in his bubble. He shoots the Kissed Crusader and does a bit of damage.

-Stormfalls go and it only take 2 brutal shots to kill the Kissed Crusader. The rest of the unit hit the other crusader and after the Riflemen are done it is gone as well.

-So ya thats a great Ossyan Feat turn.  3 Heavy jacks dead, if Ossyan can make through the next turn without dying I might be on to something.IMG_3203 Menoth Turn 4

-So that was a bit of a crushing turn and I understand if my opponent checked out a bit at this point.

-Zealots just make some melee attacks because of Ossyans feat and kill a couple halbs.

-Harbinger moves up and Obliterate onto about 5 of my models but only kills 2 of them.

IMG_3204 Retribution Turn 5

-Ossyan moves up to the flag and shoots Harbinger to get the -DEF bubble up on her.  He hits and does a couple point of damage.

-Aiyanna kisses Harby and Holt shoots her but doesn’t wound.

-Banshee fires on Harby but she can’t be Knocked down. Does light Damage.

-Stormfalls aim Brutal shots at her and Riflemen CRA her but I can’t manage to kill her.  I think I leave her on 4 boxes.IMG_3205  Menoth Turn 5

-Harbinger charges a halberdier near Ossyan and kills it.  Then casts obliteration on Ossyan (I forgot about the Banshee’s wailing) and did 10 damage but didn’t have focus to cast another one. IMG_3208

After that Ossyan boosts his gun shot into Harbinger and finally puts her down.

Victory to Retribution!

Game 4

In my last game of the Day I played a Khador Player named Robert who brought Old Witch and Butcher3.

We played eVyros Vs. Old Witch.  Vyros is an easy choice against the Witch who I was pretty sure he would take.

His list was:
Old Witch
Max IF Pikemen
Kayazay Eliminators
Kayazay Eliminators
Great Bears

We were playing the Balance of Power scenario.  I won the die roll and chose to go first.

IMG_3211 IMG_3212 Retribution Turn 1

-In a shocking turn of events all my stuff runs forward and Vyros casts synergy. I know this is a big departure from the standard eVyros game plan but bear with me.IMG_3213  Khador Turn 1

-Most of his army just walks forward to avoid getting into my threat range next turn.

-IFPs shield wall forward.

-Great Bears walk forward.

-Witch walk up to the fence and puts murder of crows out in front of the Great Bears. and Iron flesh on the Pikemen.

-TAC walks up and put clouds up around the witch and Sylys.

-Behemoth moves up and fires off some shots but doesn’t hit anything.

-Kayazay run up behind the great Bears and up onto the hill on the right.IMG_3215

Retribution Turn 2

-Rightmost Griffon runs to engage the Kayazy

-Aspis moves up into the zone

-Vyros fires a twister at the Aspis’ butt and hits it .  He moves up behind the cloud for some safety from Behemoth.

-Other griffons move up into the zone in such a way that make getting to al of them difficult.

-Fane knight jockeys for positionIMG_3217  Khador Turn 2

-Great Bears charge in a kill a Griffon.

-IFPs charge.  2 on the rightmost Griffon spike their rolls hard and cripple him, 2 charge the Griffon in the from of the zone and do light damage and 2 charge the Griffon right behind him and do light damage and 2 charge the Aspis and do light damage.

-The right Kayazay do combo strikes on the righmost Griffon and leave it with 1 box.

-The left Kayazay run up behind the Great Bears.

-The Witch dominates the Flag, out Murder of Crows up in front of her, feats and hides in more TAC clouds.IMG_3219   Retribution Turn 3

-The Fane Knight charges in an Impacts 1 Great Bear for a couple damage. Charge attack  connects but he toughs and he uses his second attack to kill the impact target.

-The sphinx moves up and smacks a great bear to get the Synergy rolling. He toughs.

-The griffons engaged by IFPs go and kill a couple getting synergy up to 3.

-The Aspis kills 2 more. Synergy at 4.

-Vyros ride-bys up and kills a pikeman for Synergy 5. (I end my movement out of shield guard range which is a major blunder for me)

-Crippled Griffon smacks an IFP for synergy 6.

-Last griffon get concentrated power an a full stack and walks up to Behemoth and is hitting a straight dice.  4 attacks later and he still has both cortexes so thats too bad.IMG_3223  Khador Turn 3

-Behemoth goes and fires on Vyros. First shot misses and deviates into nothing. Second shot hits and I wish I had my shield guard handy.  Vyros take 10 damage.

-IFPs finish off the rightmost griffon.

-Kayazay charge into Vyros.  1 runs for gang and the other charges in with a combo strike and the little girl with the big knives stabs Vyros in the face and finishes him off. IMG_3225

Victory to Khador! IMG_3227


Final thoughts on the tournament

This tournament at 14 people was the biggest I had played in (the next biggest was 7) and it was a lot of fun.  Next time I will probably try my hand at the Master’s tournament just for the experience of it. It was fun to play more people outside of my gaming group and I can’t wait until the next tournament pops up in my area.

Thoughts on the games:

Game 1

– I had never seen the Butcher on the Table before so I didn’t have high hopes of winning it anyway.  I feel like I played it pretty well and might have had the assassination if my dice had gone better on that slam roll.

Game 2

– I feel stupid for feeding him 2 Griffons for the MHAs to take out.  Not sure how easily I could have prevented it but I don’t think that match-up was so bad that I couldn’t have won if I played smarter.

Game 3

– This game was against a younger guy and I felt a bit bad for removing all his jacks in 1 turn but I guess that’s just part of learning Warmachine.

Game 4

– This game I felt the worst about because I think it was really winnable if I had just made fewer positioning errors. Not making sure Vyros had his shield guard against the Behemoth is unforgivable.

I hope you enjoyed the reports.  I certainly enjoyed the tournament.  Looking forward to the next one.



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